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Hwamyeong Riverside Park, Busan, South KoreaSo, I moved to Hwamyeong. It was daunting to see how far away it was from the expat haunts of KSU and Haeundae. But it also had some positives. When I made the decision the biggest advantage was that there was a good school that was willing to pay me on time. And, as my boss said in the interview, “We are far away from the beaches, but we have beautiful mountains and a big park.”

The mountains immediatley delivered, but it took me a few weeks to find the park. And then I got lost in it.

The park is on the edge of the Nakdong River. To get there from the main town of Hwamyeong you have to walk towards the train station and go under the train tracks. When you reach the other side of the underpass, a great vista opens up before
you. From horizon to horizon there is a clear view of grass, some trees, flowers, mountains and then wide open sky.

Hwamyeong Riverside Park, Busan, South Korea
It’s a park and wetland area that stretches for acres. It is laced with paths and bike tracks so you can wander through the different areas at your leisure. It also includes picnic tables, badminton courts, soccer pitches, two baseball diamonds and a pool for summer.There are basic ameneties open pretty late. You will meet other residents taking a turn in the park, but at times you can get some blessed solitude with nature. Another positive for me is that the park is flat. There aren’t any steep hills you have to climb which helps during a jog.

Hwamyeong Riverside Park, Busan, South Korea
A really interesting feature of the park is that it has boardwalks over the wetland areas. So you can explore closer to the river and see all the ducks and fishies enjoying it too.

I go there for evening jogs and I’m amused by little camps of grandparents I see. They’ve either set up a portable barbecue, a tent or a portable karaoke machine. And they’re chilling the night away. Also, it’s a great place to see the stars.

So, if you’re in the need for a little nature, minus a steep hills, I thoroughly recommend a trip to Hwamyeong Park.

Hwamyeong Riverside Park, Busan, South Korea   Hwamyeong Riverside Park, Busan, South Korea
Directions: From Hwamyeong Subway Station take Exit one, turn right at the first corner and walk down the main road. You’ll pass Lotte and then Lotteria a few blocks up. When you hit the end of the street turn left, and continue past the train station. The underpass is located at the first set of traffic lights.

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  1. Mellisa great article! I’ve been to this park many times and its awesome! Would be a perfect spot for a game of soccer or ultimate frisbee. Nice to just walk in as well. Its funny this park goes on for miles it basically follows the Nakdong. I live in Sasang and it basically almost goes all the way to the Farmers market area in Sasang…

    • Heya, yeah the last time I was in Sasang I noticed there was a great park there too, good to hear it meets up. A friend of mine actually used this path to bike from Hwamyeong to Dadaepo. She says it doesn’t follow the river all the way but you can get down there.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Hi! I read online that there are free bike rentals in Hwamyeong Riverside Park but I’m having trouble finding where exactly in the park it is! Could you help me? thanks!

    • Hey! I run there pretty often, but I’ve never seen bike rentals in the Hwamyeong section of the park. You can definitely rent them down in the Sasang Samnak section. They might put some out in Hwamyeong when the weather gets warmer, but I don’t know for sure. It’s definitely a great park to explore on bike, you can ride all the way down past the bird sanctuary island to Dadaepo beach (though a lot of it is near the road.) Good luck! – Tom

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