Nov 062012


This is Hongbeopsa Temple and the statue of the Colossal Buddah on the roof. The temple is VERY different in many ways, mostly because it is built on the theme of Hear no evil, see no evil,  speak no evil- complete with three glittering Buddah statues depicting this theme in the main prayer hall.

It is also located in the middle of nowhere and not in the mountains like Seokbulsa and Beomeosa. You can even see it when you come in on the KTX! The temple grounds are beautifully kept and sculptured.

It’s easiest to: 1) Take a taxi from Nopo station exit 1, the northern end station on Metro Line 1 (orange). 

Or: 2) Take bus 50 from Nopo station exit 1, and get off at 동면우체국 (dong-myeon-u -che-guk) – should be about 3 stops. Get off, backtrack just a little bit, and turn left to go under the railroad tracks. Cross the bridge and turn right, snaking your way through a little neighborhood until you come out with the temple right there. (It’s a bit confusing). 

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