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You don’t have to go far to find western food in Korea. Hamburgers, Spaghetti and Fried chicken are in every area and in great abundance, that is if you know where to look. Though when going out with friends for western food a group can be pulled in many different directions depending on what major cravings individuals have that week.

Farmers in the PNU area provides westerners with the convenience of not having to chose between burgers or Italian. It is the perfect combination of both and beyond delicious.

Located 2 blocks away from the main gates of PNU on the second floor, the restaurant provides a small but laid back atmosphere. The restaurant is frequented more by locals than anything else, but is happy for any foreigners that walk in the door.

farmers-intThe menu is easy to read (everything is in English) but does not provide many descriptions based off that. The hamburger options already come with fries and your choice of cola, cider, coffee or orange juice. A burger can cost you anywhere from 7,000-10,000 depending what you want on it. (And yes, they even have a bacon burger…)

These burgers are not for the small mouthed, they come loaded and impossible to pick up and eat. Lucky there are forks and knives provided for those of us who are not the most graceful of eaters.

While I have not directly ordered the Italian, I was lucky enough to try my friend’s, and it was pickle free. Though the fondness of pickles in Italian food is endearing at times, the lack of tang in the sauce was enjoyable.

The best part about Farmers, are the fries. Seasoned fries that are rare to find in America are their potato of choice. Deliciously crispy on the outside with soft warm middles and a slight kick to their spice will cheer up even the most grumpy of cats. I would eat the fries all day if I could but I am glad they portion them out in to a manageable size.

farmers-frontHow do you find Farmers?
The easiest way is to go to the main gates of PNU that are up the main road (take exit 3 out of the orange metro line). Take a Right down the little street (be weary of cars) Walk past the NC and parking for the NC, after two blocks the street ends in a T with a coffee shop that is called “Jasmine Coffee” right in front of you. Take a right down that street and Farmers is on the second floor halfway down the block. The sign is in English and is black letters on a white background.

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  1. In my humble (though my home state’s burgers selection is immense) opinion, Valance Burger in PNU is much better, for a better price. I’ve tried both Farmers and basically all the burger places in Busan.

    My Farmers PNU experience (and many other Korean burgers) was a bun to burger size ratio of 4 to 1. The bun to burger ratio should be at MAX 1.5 to 1, otherwise one should start to worry what the restaurant is compensating for. This is a great example of typical Koreanized western food styling that attempts to put some overcompensating spin on something that should instead focus on simple, fresh ingredients. Trying to look beyond this, the burger itself was, well, ‘Korean’. Meaning small and dry, and when biting into the first thought is ‘what is this mystery meat I am tasting’. Then the fries were over cooked and tough, wi.th little actual potato flavor left over (as you can see in the pic above by the color)

    Valance Burger has a Classic Burger set that almost (not quite) makes you forget you’re eating a Korean burger. First off the bun to burger ration is about 1.25 to 1, so it doesn’t make you feel like your trying on a tshirt that is 3 sizes to large. Second the burger generally doesn’t have any funky taste and is not dry. Third they use FRESH, simple ingredients like bright green lettuce and red tomato slice. Fourth they add a fried egg onto the burger. A fried egg always make a burger better. Their fries are the best I’ve had in Korea as well. Think freshly made Culvers crinkle cut fries. The ones that are always just made, never overdone. Slightly crunchy outer with soft fluffy innards.

    If I ever had advice for Korean restaurants serving Western food its the KISS principle. Keep is simple stupid, and use fresh, honest ingredients. Like don’t add sugar to sweeten everything, especially Italian dishes. And don’t add 16 unfresh toppings to a burger that is 100g of utter fail.

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