May 022013

By Emma O’Flynn

In Samcheok there is a small Tourist Information booth next to the bus terminal, which provides information on the local bus schedule for Haesindang, and where to catch it close by.  Additionally in this area the largest limestone caves in Korea, Hwanseon Donggul caves,are within a short distance, and served by regular bus services.  There are sufficient love motels to lay you head, if you choose to stay there, but Samcheok is not the most ‘happening’ place.


Blog about Hwanseon Donggul

 Donghae is a port city that provides plenty of accommodation and adequate eating and drinking facilities.  Though not the most attractive locations, it provides the jump off point for the ferry to Ulleung-do, a quiet scenic island 3 hours off the coast, with close proximity to Dok-Do (Dok-Do IS KOREA!!!).  There is also a scenic costal train for tourists, connecting Donghae to Gangneung and Samcheok.




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