Feb 022014

By FIONA VAN TYNE Getting Eye surgery was something that I was thinking about before I came to Busan, not seriously but I thought about it. The main thing stopping me before was the price. Even before I started to do my proper research I was halted to know that I would not be able […]

Feb 032013
Sushi and Roll PNU

By Fiona Van Tyne   Exceptional sushi in Busan is easy to come by. I cannot count the number of rolls and pieces of raw fish that I have enjoyed here. For me, living somewhere completely landlocked, sushi was something that was terribly expensive and only good half the time. I have been lucky in […]

Jan 132013
Zumba Dance in Busan

By Fiona Van Tyne Working out is just that, work. Why not ditch the treadmill and join the new Latin dance inspired aerobics craze ZUMBA! Zumba is a latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning, dance-fitness party! FEEL THE MUSIC, AND LET LOOSE!!! Before you start “Oh I can’t dance” “ I am too embarrassed” “I don’t like other […]