Feb 022012
Busan Music Scene

BY MELISSA TAIT Do you like live music? I know I do. At the age of 19 I thought I would be the world’s next Lester Bangs and spread the word about the revolutionary music scene in Sydney. Well, there was pretty good music but calling it a scene was pretty laughable. There were just a […]

May 312011
Small Bar - PNU

Post by Melissa Tait I was wandering through PNU, trying to find The Basement. I re-traced my directions twice from the station and still didn’t hit the mark. But I did stumble onto a street with a lot of nice bars and restaurants so I thought I was close. I was in fact only one […]

May 182011
Crossroads - PNU

Part of the Busan Music Scene When I showed up at Crossroads, I had just eaten a second dinner, and was no longer feeling all the beers that I had been drinking before. I guess I could have been drunk, but it was that kind of lethargic drunk; not a happy-go-lucky kind. I just wasn’t […]

May 172011
Soul Trane - PNU

It’s early and the bar isn’t crowded yet. There are only a couple other people sitting at the bar, most likely the bartender’s friends, based on their interaction. I think we all look as a girl walks in, book in hand, and sits at a table two down from us. She sets down her book […]

Apr 062011
Matahari, coffee, food, drinks, hanging out; PNU

*UPDATE: March 2014: we’re not sure if Matahari is still around! Anyone have some more info??* I love the college feel of the PNU neighborhood. Like Hongdae in Seoul, in contrast to Kyungsung, PNU has that universal University neighborhood feel to it. Streets busy with groups of students. People sitting in bars, drinking and reading […]

Apr 042011
The Basement - PNU

Part of the Busan Music Scene The Basement is one of those places that everybody in Busan is supposed to know about. Mentions of it are often prefaced with phrases like legendary and the most popular expat bar in Busan. For months now, when it’s been brought up, I’ve been pretending that I’ve been there. […]