Kyungsung/Pukyeong University Area (KSU)


Kyungsung graffiti, Busan, South Korea

Kyungsung, Kyungsungdae, Kyungsung U/Pukyeong U, KSU, Kyung-dae… there are many names for it, but any way you twist it, you’ve still got the most vibrant spot for going out in Busan. Haeundae has the class, Seomyeon has the ‘downtown feel’, but Kyungsung has the bars, restaurants, and the people to crown it the Champion of the Night. Add to this some good boutiques, cheap vintage shops, awesome cafes, and you have yourself a 7-nights-a-week play-place.

(How to get to KSU)

FEEL: Tons of students and young people everywhere looking trendy by day and looking drunk by night, all condensed in about a 4-block chunk
GOOD FOR: Seeing other expats, Partying all night, Getting ‘foreign’ cuisine
BAD FOR: Seeing other expats partying all night
CHECK OUT: The Mystery Ship Bar!

long island iced tea sign - good cheap bar!

Long Island Iced Tea Bar

Bars and Hofs:

Ssaeng Tong Hof (Good hof, free finger food)
Long Island Iced Tea (Cheap cocktails)
Eva’s (Chill expat bar)
Monk (Jazz bar)
Blue Monkey (Clubby, mostly expat)
Kino Eye (Party bar)
Mystery Ship Bar – Radio Bar (Chill bar; mysterious)
Fully Booked (Books by day, wine & beer by night)
Ol’ 55 (Chill expat bar, live music)
Lzone (Language cafe by day, bar by night)

Patio of Aiola Italian Restaurant, Kyungsung, Busan

Aiola’s Patio


Overview of CHEAP EATS in KSU/PKNU area
Fully Booked (Paninis on offer)
Aiola (Italian, cheap wine)
Aussie Burger (Burgers)
Shanghai (Chinese)
Bon Juk (Korean Porridge)
Onigiri and Gyudong (Beef bowl/Rice)

Exterior of Oak CnC cafe, Kyungsung, Busan

Oak CnC



Lzone (Language exchange cafe)
Fully Booked
(Wine and beer!)
Oak CnC
(Draft beer, wine and good cafe)
Cappuccino (Cute cafe – great place to get work done)
Atelier (Formerly called Gelateria – Gelato, good coffee and chocolates too)
Painted Chair Gallery Cafe (CLOSED??)


Raybee (Women’s Boutique)
9 (Men’s and Women’s Vintage)
Ssole Vintage (Men’s and Women’s Vintage)
UNIQLO (Cooler version of the Gap)

Igidae, Nam-Gu, Busan, Korea



Fully Booked Bookstore (Used books, board games)
Energy Core Norae-bang (AKA the SPACESHIP NORRAEBANG)

Nearby things to do:

UN Cemetery & Peace Park (Good place for history, or jogging, or a picnic)
Igidae Park (Great peninsula-tracing hike)

How to get to Kyungsung: Metro line 2 (green line) to Kyungsung University / Pukyeong University. Exits 3 and 5 are where most of the stuff is.


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