PNU (and Dongnae/Oncheonjang area)


The streets of PNU, Busan, South Korea

PNU – The ‘original’ university area surrounding Busan’s best (or so I’m told) university. Directly outside the metro, you’re met with street after street of shops and street action. While KSU has eclipsed PNU as the biggest party spot in Busan, PNU still boasts plenty of fun, plenty of bars, and plenty of restaurants for you to check out and get lost in.

(How to get to PNU)

FEEL: Layout-wise, PNU has more of a ‘university feel’ than Kyungsung/Pukyeong area.
GOOD FOR: Vintage shopping, Visiting Busan’s oldest expat bars
BAD FOR: It’s a little ‘far away’ – far from the coast, and a lil far from other districts (but c’mon, not that far)
MUST DO: PNU is still the place to go for vintage shopping in Busan. Most places are located in the area right as you leave the metro station (exit 3), all the way up to the first main street (the street with the buses).

interior of the basement, located in PNU

The Basement

Bars and Hofs:

The Basement (Music venue / Cool expat bar)
Soul Trane (Chill bar)
Crossroads (Acoustic music venue / Expat bar)
Small Bar (Small, quiet, classy bar)


Farmers (Burgers and Italian)
Sushi and Roll (Japanese)
The Brunch (Brunch and waffle)
Valance Burger (Burger Joint)


Matahari CLOSED? (Quiet-but-cool, serves drinks) – CLOSED?
Charlie Brown Cafe (cute and fun, also serves brunch)

Pond, flowers and buildings of Chungnyeolsa shrine, Busan.

Chungnyeolsa Shrine


UniQlo in Dongnae

Nearby things to do:

Seokbulsa Temple hike (Mool temple carved into the mountain)
Chungnyeolsa Shrine (Quiet, beautiful shrine just east of Dongnae)
Heosimcheong Spa (“Biggest Spa in Asia” in Oncheonjang)
Explore Dongnae (Park, hike and museum   )



How to get to get to PNU: Take the orange line (line 1) metro to Busan-dae Station, a couple stops north of Dongnae.


Neighborhood Map:

View BUSAN! AWESOME! in a larger map

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