Sports in Busan

Sajik Stadium, Busan, South Korea

The Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium


The epicenter of spectator sports in Busan is in Sajik and the athletic complex there. Busan’s basketball team (KT Sonic Boom), soccer/football team (Busan I’Park) and extremely popular baseball team (Lotte Giants) all play here.

LOTTE GIANTS games are definitely a ‘must-do’ for all visitors and residents of Busan. Even if you don’t like baseball, you’ll surely enjoy the atmosphere at the games of the most beloved team in Korea. Sing along with the fans, buy cheap beer and fried chicken, and soak it all up! Click on the link for a schedule and directions. The regular season runs from April to September, with the playoffs after that.

Less popular, but no less fun are games at the Asiad Stadium to watch BUSAN I’PARK. The stadium was built to hold huge crowds for the Asiad Games and World Cup in 2002, so it unfortunately is mostly empty. Don’t let this turn you off, though, as you can always get great seats to watch the soccer/football up close. The season runs from March to late August.

Finally, KT SONIC BOOM, the basketball team, plays in the arena in the sports complex. Their season runs when baseball and soccer aren’t – from October to March. Check it out!

Gwangan Bridge Run, Busan, South Korea

The Gwangan Bridge Run in early October


If you’re looking for a constructive hobby, take up running! There are some excellent places to run all throughout Busan, and there are lots of races throughout the year (except winter) in & around Busan. For info on races and finding running groups, consider joining the Facebook group Waeguks Got Runs.

Some good places to run are on the bike/running path along Gwangalli Beach, the path along the Oncheonjang River (in Dongnae), around PEACE PARK/UN CEMETERY, and the great trail along the Nakdong River in HWAMYEONG RIVERSIDE PARK. Also check out our article on JANGSAN RUNNING SPOTS.


Gaelic Football

LAOCHRA FOOTBALL CLUB– Gaelic football teams both mens and womens.


KAIZEN YOGA is offered at a Studio in the Millak/Suyeong Area

Busan Yoga & Meditation Facebook page offers classes, workshops, and even potlucks through out the area


ZUMBA  is offered currently in Seomyeon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays  More classes are coming soon throughout the city.


 Get certified for SCUBA by BUSAN SCUBA.



Busan SCUBA - pohang wreck

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