Travel: Day trips, Weekend getaways, and Longer excursions

Tochoji shrine pagoda, Fukuoka Japan

Tochoji Shrine, Fukuoka

You’ve come to Korea to open your mind, learn about Korean culture, and to TRAVEL. Rather than spend yet ANOTHER weekend drinking in Kyungsung, get out and see the country! Or another country!

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Day Trips

JINHAE – About an hour away from Busan, Jinhae is famous for its flower blossom festival in early April.

CHANGWONUnder an hour away from Busan, check out this cool town with a vibrant expat community for its size.

HERB HILLZ – Located in Daegu offers all of the delights of a Korean amusement park with a little of the head turning confusion that you expect in Asia.

Weekend trips (or slightly longer)

GWANGJU – Check out this progressive, art- and freedom-loving city in the southwest

MUJU SKI RESORT – A shuttle from Busan takes you to MUJU for the best skiing in Korea

HIGH 1 SKI RESORT – Farther away, but apparently pretty damn good.

BORYEONG and DACHEON BEACH – go to this cool beach on the west coast for a beach trip or for the popular MUD FESTIVAL in July.

GANGWON-DO–  Bordering the north-eastern coast, Gangwon-do is home to spectacular national parks, serene beaches, and unspoilt craggy coastline.

SEOUL * – KTX your way up to The Big City! We’ve got your weekend-trip itinerary!

FUKUOKA and KYUSHU – Whether you’re making a visa run or just have to get out of Korea, Fukuoka is the fastest way to get out of the country.

*NOTE: Your Busan Mybi Card (subway/bus ‘beeper’ WILL work in Seoul (and vice versa), however, you won’t be able to recharge it in the Seoul machines. It won’t work in most other towns’ bus systems, so be sure to bring some cheons (1000 bills)!

Muju ski resort, Busan, South Korea

Muju Ski Resort

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